We have moved most of our current work to the Penn Libraries’ Teaching, Research, and Learning blog to be included as part of our Scholarly Communication & Research Infrastructure Project (SCRIP).  See the report appendices for a complete list of resources: https://penntrl.wordpress.com/2019/01/23/scrip-appendices/ 


The Penn Libraries is exploring options for open source platforms to host our institutional repository, ScholarlyCommons, which currently uses bepress’ Digital Commons software. Bepress’ recent acquisition by Elsevier is certainly troubling, but we choose to see this as an opportunity for the Penn Libraries – and potentially other libraries – to reimagine our repository systems and the ways in which we support open access dissemination of scholarly materials.

This “bepress exit,” or “beprexit,” as we call it, encompasses more than simply finding alternatives to bepress/Elsevier: It is questioning the purpose of an institutional repository and exploring the future of scholarly communication. We’re taking a hard look at the various types of scholarly expressions our academic community is producing beyond traditional book and journal publishing and how they are disseminating those expressions. We’re looking at needs – met and unmet – and rethinking how we support our community.

While we are primarily focused on the Penn community in these beginning stages, we are looking toward the larger digital scholarship landscape. Why? Because this isn’t a problem inherent to the Penn community or even to Digital Commons users: This is everyone’s problem. We want to find ways that we can work together to support open source and open access on our terms – not as individual institutions but as a community.

For Penn’s official statement, please see https://beprexit.wordpress.com/official-statement

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Taskforce Team

Sarah Wipperman (taskforce lead), Scholarly Communications & Digital Repository Librarian
Laurie Allen, Director for Digital Scholarship
Hannah Bennett, Director, Fine Arts & Museum Libraries
Manuel de la Cruz Gutierrez, Research & Knowledge Management Liaison
Margaret Janz, Scholarly Communications and Data Curation Librarian
John Mark Ockerbloom, Digital Library Strategist & Metadata Architect
Dot Porter, Curator of Digital Research Services
Kenny Whitebloom, Digital Scholarly Publishing Librarian