Survey Questions

Now that our survey is closed, we are sharing all of our questions as well as some reflections on what we might have done differently. We are releasing our survey under a CC0 license, so please use it, change it, and share it widely!

Survey Questions Content

Please see our Survey Methodology post for more information on the survey.


8 thoughts on “Survey Questions

  1. This is so timely! I just started a 6-month sabbatical to attempt to work solo on what your team has been doing. I had definitely intended to do a survey but was doing preliminary research first to organize my thoughts for what to ask in the survey, and then I came upon this, which will speed up my process immeasurably. If I end up using your survey questions, would it be helpful to you if I stick to the script (other than customizing the names of my institution, University of Louisville, and repository, ThinkIR), so that the data can be compared to yours at some point, or can I tinker with it? I am SO appreciative of your contributions, and want to make sure that I implement the survey in a way that will assist your project as well as my own.

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